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Church of the Holy Comforter Vestry


Current vestry members. The (years) indicate the year when they will be rotating off vestry at the annual parish meeting. New vestry are elected each January at the annual parish meeting.


Pat Stiver                Sr. Warden 

Ted Benke              Treasurer     

Carolyn Myres    

Laura Mallard

Rod Barber

Charles Varner

Audrey Garrison

Jonnie Stephens


Vestry meetings occur on the last Tuesday of each month, beginning at 6:00 pm. Currently we gather in the work room off the main parish hall. All members of the congregation are welcome to attend and observe the vestry meetings. Anyone who wishes to address the vestry should contact Pat Stiver (Sr. Warden) or Ted Benke (Treasurer)  prior to the meeting to help us preserve good order. 

Following a decision at the annual parish meeting in January of 2015, we are electing two new members each year until the parish membership returns to higher numbers. In 2017 the vestry approved the election of one additional member in 2018, in order to increase the certainty of a quorum.  




The Rev. Alvin F. Kimel, Jr. (available upon request)

For those who'd like to get ready for service on the parish's vestry we recommend these steps. 

After 18 months, a newly confirmed members can serve on the vestry. Until then the new family should be allowed to focus on these three aspects of living and thriving in the body of Christ

  • abiding friendships 

  • volunteering 

  • leadership in subordinate groups, Men's club, ACW, DOK, Altar Guild, Altar Servers, etc. 

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