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Music ministry


Music is an integral part of our 10:30am High Mass on Sunday, and

on other Holy Days. At our high mass we incorporate hymns, chants,

anthems and sung prayers to lift our praises up to God and remind

ourselves that what we do in the worship of God is different from

what we do during the week.


Our Jewish ancestors knew that worship and music went hand in

hand, and so we continue that tradition today at our 10:30am High

Mass. You might notice at our High Mass that many prayers, and the

reading of the Holy Gospel is sung, rather than spoken.


During mass we show the importance of our corporate prayers and the sacred nature of the words of Christ in the Holy Gospel by singing them. This tradition harkens back to the Hebrew tradition of only chanting the words of the Torah. During our High Mass we also have sung congregational hymns. We use a wide variety of hymns from traditional Anglican and Catholic sources. We seek to offer only the

best and most theologically rich hymns in the worship of God, while avoid-

ing popular “praise songs” or “choruses” that while popular today, will be

forgotten by the next generation. The great music of the Church has stood

the test of time, and we only use the best for the worship of God.


Our Parish Chorale also offers choral anthems to the glory of God, and

for the meditation and reflection of the people. They strive to offer

the best music they can, not as a performance before an audience,

but rather as an offering to God.

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