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Holy Comforter is one of the oldest parishes of the Episcopal Dicoese of Fort Worth and one of the oldest congregations in the City of Cleburne. As early as 1860, The Right Reverend Alexander Gregg, first Bishop of Texas, visited Johnson County to minister to the people of this area.  Click here to read an online biography of Rev.  Gregg, written by his son, Wilson Gregg. This parish, the first in the county, was formed in 1871 with the Rev. Robert Nash serving as the first rector of Holy Comforter. The first church building occupied by Holy Comforter was built in 1874. In 1893, under the leadership of The Rev. W.W. Patrick, the present building, at the corner of Wardville and Anglin was built, and has been in continuous use ever since. Click here to view a one-page historical writeup on the church from 1976, by a previous minister.

old photo of church

(date uncertain)

the Right Reverend

Alexander Gregg

original building cornerstone

Nave and Altar - 1910

Note the potbellied stove on the lefthand side

Altar - 1910

Postcard rendition - 1913

Church and Rectory - circa 1950s

Photo of church - 1895

Church was only 2 years old

Church steeple struck by lightning and catches fire - Aug 3, 1986


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