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what we believe


A Biblical Church

We are a biblical church where the scriptures, the Word of God written, are

cherished. On Sundays, two lessons from the scriptures are read, as we

experience the presence of Christ, the Word, in the scriptures. Each Sunday

the priest also preaches a short sermon bringing the truth of the Scriptures

to our everyday life. St. Jerome said that “Ignorance of the scriptures, is

ignorance of Christ,” so we also take study of the Scriptures seriously.

During the week we engage the scriptures from a scholarly and devotional

perspective in our two bible studies.


A Traditional Church

We believe all that the historic Church has ever believed, and so we stand with the Church of 2000 years of teaching. While some churches claim to follow the “Bible alone”, the fact that there are hundreds of different denominations all claiming to follow the “Bible alone” tells us that there must be something missing.


We believe the Holy Scriptures must have an interpreter. We believe that the Church was given the authority to interpret the scriptures, and so to try to interpret the scriptures on our own would be foolish and futile. Since we believe the Church was given the authority to interpret the scripture, we look to the ancient writings, councils, and liturgies of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church to guide us in our belief and practice. The ancient writings, councils, and liturgies of the Church together form what we call the Tradition of the Church.


We believe that the Holy Spirit moved through the Church, and that Holy Tradition is that record of that movement. Holy Tradition is what allows us to read and understand the Scriptures as they were understood 500 or even 2000 years ago.

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