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Church Of The Holy Comforter
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Cleburne, Texas 76031
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From the Rector

Dear Website Visitors and Holy Comforter Family,

Welcome to the internet home of the Church of the Holy Comforter, Cleburne Texas! We are thrilled that you have taken the time to visit us today and we hope to see you in person soon.

At Holy Comforter we want to help people to answer the call of our Lord Jesus to "follow me." In light of that mission and that calling we must take care not to become so enamored of what has been and what now is that we lose that urgent sense of moving toward Him who is calling us into the future. The One "...who is and who was and who is to come..."(Rev:1:4), gives us the past in which to be rooted, not buried; the future in which to reach, not escape; and the present in which to grow, not stagnate. It is not so much that we are called to have a mission as to be a mission. The Mission is Christ. We are called to be His body in this time, in this place. In this vein... Our family at Holy Comforter seeks to be faithfully...

  • ORTHODOX in our worship, giving "right glory" to the triune God, 
  • CATHOLIC in our belief, practicing the "wholeness" of the faith, 
  • APOSTOLIC in our action, "sent" to bear witness, 
  • EVANGELICAL in our message, communicating "Gospel", 
  • CHARISMATIC in our spirit, exercising our "gifts", 
  • ANGLICAN in our ethos, reflecting our English heritage. 

But in all and through all and above all, we seek to be A Family of Disciples From All Walks of Life. This is our mission...this is our calling... Won't you join us in fulfilling it? 

Hope to see you in Mass!


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